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Roles & Responsibilities of DEAN
Organisational Structure
Vice Principal
Roles & Responsibilities of Administrator
DEAN -Job Summary
The Dean is responsible for multiple campuses in the areas of Administration and Academics.

The Dean is responsible to the organisation for finalizing, collecting and settling the fee accounts, including concessions to students studying in the campuses of the respective zones; maintaining good public relations with parents in the regions assigned; monitoring of study hours and sick rooms; keeping a check on failure percentage; and counselling students and staff

Job Description
The Dean is involved in 5 major areas:

1. Fee Accounts

  • Stipulate the fee structure in respective zones under instructions of the management.
  • Extending concessions on discretion to students being confirmed, registered or enrolled – keeping in view merit and other criteria that demand concession.
  • Monitor the fee dues of students and educate parents in clearing the same within the time stipulated.
  • Settle the fee accounts of students who wish to discontinue after admission.
2. P R with parents
  • Maintain healthy public relations with parents in the interest of the organization.
  • Keep in touch with parents of students already studying in your zone.
  • Make efforts to identify merit students at the earliest and extend academic support to them.
  • Take a feedback from students on the performance of the staff attached to the campuses in your zone.
  • Ask parents of exceptional students for feedback on the performance of respective campuses in academic and administrative areas.
  • Communicate any significant information about campus performance to management and staff for improvement.
3. Sick room

The health of a student is important since it also reflects on the academic performance. A student in good health can perform up to potential, whereas a student who is ill cannot. Besides, the welfare of a student studying on residential campus is of primary concern to the organization.

It is for this reason that every residential campus has a Doctor attending to sick students with special rooms to keep them in, and under the care of Sick-in-charges.

  • Monitor the healthcare of students enrolled in the campuses of your zone.
  • Ensure that hygiene and sanitation is maintained in the sick room so that the recovery is faster.
  • Keep in touch with the Campus Doctor in order to take precautionary measures against common ailments.
  • Ascertain that the parents of students who are sick are informed about the health status of their wards.
4. Study Hours – keep failure percentage in check

Study hours are to be conducted without disturbance or distraction to students. It is necessary for all staff members to work with team spirit to ensure the best result for the campus. It is therefore necessary instill the spirit of oneness among staff members. This is possible only by being one among them and not just above them.

  • Conduct study hours under the close supervision of the academic and administrative staff.
  • Advise the campus Principal on lapses if any in the areas of academics or administration.
  • Keep a close watch on the failure percentage in order to minimize at the earliest through special academic programme and counseling.
  • Ensure the involvement of all staff members to bring out the best in the students.
  • Keep in touch with failures in order to motivate and improve their confidence level.
5. Counselling – Students and Staff

Study hours are to be conducted without disturbance or distraction to students. It is necessary for all staff members to work with team spirit to ensure the best result for the campus. It is therefore necessary instill the spirit of oneness among staff members. This is possible only by being one among them and not just above them.

  • Visit at least two (2) sections every day and counsel students.
  • Identify their academic and welfare problems and attend to them the best way you can.
  • Make efforts to cover all sections in a week on one campus at least.
  • Spend sometime with the lower staff of the academics and administration alternately.
  • Spend atleast ten minutes with a few J Ls, and Co-ordinators one day, and with Reception, Floor-in-charges and Wardens the other day.
  • Make the staff working under you feel comfortable and good as it would improve their involvement and also performance.
  • Assign responsibilities to J Ls, Co-ordinators and Wardens in meeting and talking to parents whenever they visit campus.
  • Instruct them to record the impressions of parents before they leave the campus – because the remarks and suggestions of parents would help improve the performance of the campus - overall.
Principal - Job Summary
The Principal is involved in both Administrative and Academic affairs of the college. The Principal is to plan the academic schedule and follow up its effective implementation; ensure that the study hours are conducted without stress or disturbance to students; monitor the performance of failures and hold meetings with parents – 2 sections at a time.

The responsibilities of the Principal fall into 5 major areas:

1. Academic Schedules

  • Prepare the academic schedules including the time table and distribute the workload among the Senior Lecturers / Teaching Staff.
  • Organise the counselling hours in respective subjects and ensure that the Junior Lecturers attend to students’ doubts in subject and act as support to S Ls.
  • Go on rounds and personally ascertain that the academic staff and administrative work together in harmony.
  • Instruct the teaching staff to be on campus at least 10 mts. in advance and prepare mentally before going to class.

2. Follow up – Assignments

  • Follow up the academic schedules by verifying whether the Unit of Syllabus to be taught has been covered in class every day.
  • Confirm whether assignments are given to students for practice everyday.
  • Check the note books of students at random to make sure that students complete the assignments given, and that their doubts are clarified.

3. Study Hours

  • Conduct counselling / study hours effectively by avoiding disturbance or distraction to students.
  • Ensure that the academic staff attends to the counseling of students in respective subjects, while the administrative staff support the study hours by maintaining discipline among students.
  • Educate the staff on avoiding use of Cell phones when on duty.
  • Make certain that students do not possess or use Cell phones on campus.
  • Confirm whether the subject counseling is carried out according to plan during study hours.
Vice Principal - Job Summary
The Vice-Principal is second-in-command to the Principal. At Sri Chaitanya one Vice-Principal is appointed for every 500 students. It is imperative that a Vice-Principal comprehend the academic and general welfare of the students under his / her wings.


1. Academic

  • It is mandatory that a Vice-Principal be available on campus during all working hours.
  • In residential campuses a Vice-Principal is available round-the-clock.
  • To assist the Principal in academic and administrative matters.

2. Welfare

  • To monitor the welfare of students on campus at all hours.
  • Follow-up with students who are indisposed.
  • Keep in touch with the Campus Doctor and with parents of sick students.

Residential campuses

3. Hostel

  • Visit the hostel rooms every day and interact with students.
  • Ensure that all amenities – water, electrical amenities etc. are available round-the-clock.

4. Mess

  • Available at the mess during breakfast, lunch and dinner to ensure hygiene and sanitation in and around the mess area.
  • Ensure that all students take their food and enquire the quality on-the-spot.

5. Sports & Games

  • Students at our residential campuses are encourages to participate in recreational activity.
  • Ensure that students have proper rest, besides regular classes and study hours.
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