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Sri Chaitanya - ISEET – 2013 Mains
The Indian Student will come of age and will have grown Language ‘wise’ – preparing for the ISEET.
Going by the information furnished, The ‘Mains’ paper includes Critical Thinking, Comprehension and Logical Reasoning running to three hours. The Verbal Reasoning tests require students to apply language skills to solve verbal tasks.
I. Critical Thinking enables us to recognize a wide range of subjective analyses of objective data, and to evaluate each analysis. Facts remain facts, but how we interpret them would vary. Critical thinking involves reflecting on the validity of what you have read in light of prior knowledge. Critical Thinking tasks include:

Critical Reading, Sentence Completion; Improving Sentences; Improving Paragraphs.

II. Comprehension involves a student’s ability to read – understand – respond to a Verbal Task. Verbal tasks can include identifying Verbal Analogy; Spotting of Errors in a Sentence & Correcting them; and Synonyms / Antonyms section that tests the vocabulary of the student.

III. Logical Reasoning - tests the Aptitude of the student in solving verbal and numerical problems that require objective thinking and analytical ability. The tasks can include Classification of Words and Numbers; Letter and Number Sequencing; Logical Deduction in Syllogisms; Coding and De-coding; Blood Relations; Directions; Puzzles; Games etc.

  • The test would require a student to be equipped with standard vocabulary and figurative English – familiarity with Idioms and Phrases and their usage.
  •  The students can start preparing for the ISEET – 2013 by doing some quality reading to improve speed and familiarity with standard English.
  • Vocabulary can also be improved by studying affixation of prefixes and suffixes to root words to derive related vocabulary.
  • The best preparation advised would be reading as many comprehension passages as they can possibly do, as the exercise would not only improve familiarity with words but also brush up general awareness through the information furnished in the passages.

There is no need to panic but definitely a need to pull-up socks.

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