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Sri Chaitanya Techno School

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Learning – active; not Teaching

The process of learning can never be tedious when it is interactive. SCIOS believes in active participation of students in the class-room – with the focus shifting from the teaching process to the learning. With the concepts explained and analyzed in every topic of respective subjects, the teachers invite the students to discuss and debate on the topics / concepts. Every concept is probed from all possible perspectives till it is flawlessly comprehended in all the dimensions at a particular level. The analysis of a concept progressively helps a student to comprehend it beyond doubt.

Cracking the Science Olympiads

The national Science Olympiad conducts tough competitive examinations every year to spot young talent and to encourage them. Likewise, International Olympiads are held anually. Students need to take part in the NSO’s and the ISO’s in order to determine where they stand in the field of intellectual competition. Participation would also serve as a motivation to do better everytime; thus instilling a fierce competitive spirit that is the crux of a winner.

National Level Competitive Examinations
Competitive examinations are conducted at the national and state levels to select students to various professional courses like IIT, AFMC, Civil Services, Defence Services, CA etc. Students of Sri Chaitanya are intellectually and rationally equipped to apply their aptitude and clear the toughest of entrance tests without much ado. This because the students are exposed to multiple choice and reasoning tests every day in the topics learnt at the school level itself.