Social & Cultural Activities


Art Expression Complements Education

Cultivating the finer nuances

India has diverse multi-cultural and multi- religious heritage. Sri Chaitanya upholds this priceless tradition and takes utmost care to develop the ethnic values in the students. Sri Chaitanya conducts cultural meets and organizes arts competitions in its efforts to develop and promote social-cultural talents in the students. These competitions give a chance to the student community to exhibit their multifaceted talents to an eager audience.

Celebrating important days

Every New Year eve is a gala event at Sri Chaitanya and the Directors personally visit the campuses. All the members of Sri Chaitanya family come together and wish each other good luck, peace, and prosperity throughout the New Year. The festive mood prevails in campuses on Teachers Day, Independence Day, Republic Day, Christmas, Ramzan, Diwali, Holi, Farewell and Annual Days. Events on a grand scale take place on these special occasions.

Giving Back to Society

To inculcate social responsibility in students. Sri Chaitanya takes them through various spiritual and social activities like blood donation, helping the poor, lending a helping hand in times of natural calamities, etc. The faculty and the management also support them to participate in such activities at regular intervals.