NEON ENGINEERING Training Institute

Engineered to excel across country

Sri Chaitanya NEON is a highly evolved programme to prepare aspirants to excel in entrances of multiple engineering streams including the coveted JEE Main. NEON has been scientifically designed to deliver customised training and guidance based on various IQ level brackets of students in average and above average native-intelligence. Sri Chaitanya NEON tailors the programme to suit every student and transform them to achievers. The highlight of NEON is that it ensures placement of students on the seat-assured rolls. It also ensures the students good performance at the Intermediate level.

Evolved in every means

The primary goal of Sri Chaitanya NEON is to craft a sound academic career for students of the engineering stream. Sri Chaitanya had devised NEON to address the challenge of the JEE Main With relevant preparatory material, NEON can proudly stake claim on the deluge of its students into National Institutes of Technology.


The JEE Main has been the best method of selecting the most talented aspirants for various under graduate courses in engineering and architecture streams. Selection of meritorious students through JEE Main reflects tough standards of premier institutions like NITs and IITs. It was here that Sri Chaitanya NEON stepped in to come out with a preparatory course planned on scientific methods and tested procedures.