The Shared Dream – A Success Story

We all know how difficult this period has been for the whole world. An unforeseen force completely blindsided us all and affected the health and lives of millions of people the world over. Closer home, 25 lakh students were affected by the pandemic and the ensuing chaos that came with it. Just a month or two before the most crucial examination of their lives, educational institutions were forced to shut down, and the exams were postponed indefinitely.

Now, as the students get ready to take the exams, I’d like to take a moment to thank them and their support system for never giving up, and showing remarkable courage in this time of uncertainty. It’s the parents, siblings, teachers and friends around the student who have stepped up during these times and have helped students prepare for success – not just over the last few months, but for the last two years and more.

At Sri Chaitanya, we’ve always taken great pride in producing astonishing results and helping our students secure great ranks that places them in the nation’s finest universities, and we’re sure that this year will be no different. Despite the setback of the pandemic, we have the utmost faith and confidence in our students’ abilities to overcome any obstacle on their path to success. And, we’re also sure that if we can achieve success at a time like this, it will set an example for future students as well.

Finally, I’d like to conclude by wishing students the very best. Few of you may have already written your exams and some are mere days away. Trust your preparation over the past two years. Don’t let panic and stress take over. Care for your health and use your time wisely. The results will take care of themselves and we’re sure you’ll do us and all your team of believers proud.