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Inception & Rise of Chaitanya

In 1986 after practising medicine in the UK and Iran for 16 years, Dr. B.S. Rao and his wife Dr. Jhansi Lakshmi Bai Boppana returned to India to start the first Sri Chaitanya school in Vijayawada.

The inception of SCGI was the outcome of a long-cherished dream. We had observed that students especially girl children — from rural Andhra Pradesh had very limited access to professional education because of lack of awareness or resources. Therefore, we took the initiative to address this lacuna by establishing the first Sri Chaitanya Girls Junior College 37 years ago. Our objective was to prepare students who were deserving and meritorious get access to top-ranked higher education institutions and become successful in their careers. This required a fresh approach to intermediate-level education.

The growth of SCGI since then has been tremendous. After we established a boys’ junior college in Hyderabad in 1991, we quickly launched several junior colleges (classes XI-XII) in other towns of then unified Andhra Pradesh. Currently, there are 321 state board-affiliated junior colleges and 322 K-10 Sri Chaitanya Techno Schools in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. In addition, we have established 107 CBSE-affiliated Chaitanya schools in other states of India. This is very satisfactory progress.

Dr. B.S. Rao

Our Vision

To be accessible to every student in India through affordable quality education in both, offline and online modes and to transform into a world class organization consisting of talented, committed individuals with a deep passion for educating children.


Every Child is Unique! Develop and transform every child with special care irrespective of his/ her capability through our teaching and pedagogy, to train students to compete and succeed not just in exams, but in career and life!

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