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    We, at Chaitanya School, firmly believe that healthy and strong children play a significant role in the development of the nation. Thus, to ensure the physical and mental well-being of our children, we have proper food and healthcare regimen in place.

    We take complete care to maintain the health and well-being of our children by introducing them to healthy and nutritious food habits that lead to their proper growth and development. We also lay great emphasis on their overall health by keeping a consistent check on their health in our in-house healthcare centers.

  • Healthy Nourishment

    Great food and amazing catering service is the hallmark of dining service at Sri Chaitanya School, and we cater to quite a wide range of meal and taste preference of our students with healthy and wholesome meals. Sri Chaitanya has planned out a healthy and nutritious meal for children and their menu card dishes our delectable, wholesome, and wide variety of food that not only perfectly nourishes the children but also satiates their taste buds.

    Comprising both vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisine, food items are freshly prepared in a highly safe and hygienic manner. Our dedicated team of chefs is an expert in cooking delicious and nutritious meals that are served to students well on time. We strongly emphasize inculcating good eating habits in our children so that they stay fit and healthy.

  • Mineral Water

    Besides, healthy and nutritious food we also provide pure and clean drinking water to the students on the residential campuses. The water is supplied from our own mineral water plant.

    Quick and Immediate Healthcare

    Eating healthy and properly will surely keep children in the best of health, however, due to any unfortunate reason, if any of our students feel any health problem, then we have a proper healthcare facility to address their problem immediately. We, at Sri Chaitanya, give top priority to the healthcare of our students, and to meet their medical requirements, we have an in-house dispensary that attends to the students’ emergency medical needs. If requires, parents are informed that depends upon the severity of the health problem of the child. We have competent residential doctors as well as other health care professionals that keep a regular check on the health of our students.


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