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    Parents looking for the best preprimary school for their tiny tots are going to be highly impressed with Sri Chaitanya pre-primary school that is operating with the belief that every child is the gift of God that needs to be aptly nurtured and groomed for their holistic development.

    Following the star kids ideology for the preprimary section, Sri Chaitanya treats every child with utmost love and care. Sri Chaitanya educational institution that started with a girls’ junior college with the vision to educate students of far-flung rural areas, especially girl child, now over the years has branched out across pan India and currently, there are 380 branches of this school.

    Sri Chaitanya today has become a trusted household name in the education field across the country.

    Nurturing Tiny-Tots with Love and Care
  • Vision & Mission

    Sri Chaitanya is operating with the mission to improve the careers and lives of underprivileged children by offering top-quality education to all students irrespective of their financial and economic conditions. This educational institution firmly believes that knowledge should be imparted to everyone irrespective of one’s location, economic condition, or gender.

    Every child is God-gifted and they need to be treated with warmth and affection in their formative years, as maximum brain development happens in these years. We, at Sri Chaitanya, believe that preprimary education is not just the start of schooling but it is the foundation based on which kids’ entire educational approach is formed. Toddlers are innovatively taught in a play-way manner to foster and encourage creativity and stimulate the power of thinking and assimilation.

    We firmly believe in this ideology for our preprimary wings and make kids enthusiastic about learning and lead them ahead towards success.

    Sri Chaitanya Vision & Mission
  • Aptly Curated Curriculum emphasizes the Development of Perceptual and Motor Skills

    We strongly believe that curriculum is the backbone of the education system, the stronger and more effective it is, the more dynamic and charismatic personality of our posterity will be. Keeping this in mind our curriculum is designed to bring holistic development to children, from math skills, language development, humanities, general awareness, music, to creative arts and crafts. Our well-designed curriculum starts transformation in children right from a tender age.

    The meticulously designed curriculum facilitates academic excellence, skill development, as well as character formation. Not only the syllabus but even the classrooms are perfectly designed with lively colors, games, cartoons, and different sculptures to teach them in an interesting and fun manner that leads to their all-around development and unlocks their higher potential.

    Curated Curriculum emphasizes
  • Objectives

    Sri Chaitanya is a name to reckon with in preprimary education that provides remarkable care to kids while ensuring kids’ physical, social, intellectual, and virtuous improvement in a scholastic rich environment. Every kid is allowed to learn and grow at their own pace in a clean, secure, healthy, and supportive environment. We impart basic knowledge to kids through fun-filled activities with the help of the latest technology and teaching aids. The major objectives with which Sri Chaitanya is operating its preprimary schools are:

    1. Giving a perfect start for their emotional and educational growth
    2. Develop interpersonal skills
    3. Generate and maintaining curiosity in kids that is essential for learning
    4. Develop etiquette, a healthy attitude, and social awareness
    5. Globally accepted learning methodologies are rooted in the teaching process
    Sri Chaitanya Objectives

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