Olympiad exams are interscholastic competitions for students across the world. These exams help to develop children’ minds and give them a solid academic foundation by teaching them problem-solving and analytical abilities at a young age. The three subjects that make up the bulk of the Olympiad tests are maths, science, and english.

The difficulty levels of these Olympiads grows as the levels progresses. These exams are given on a very big scale and include students from all over the world who have equally proven talents. Students should thus adhere to a specific study plan and schedule that enables them to understand everything in depth.

Olympiads need diligence and hard work. For a successful performance in these exams, here’s an Olympiad excellence guide to understand do’s and don’ts.

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Start Early preparation: One of the most essential habit that you need to inculcate to achieve your objective of scoring well is to begin your preparation as soon as possible. Often, students who sign up for competitive exams fail to grasp the gravity of the situation and put off their study. You must, however, take the tests seriously and appreciate any opportunity you have to study for them. 

Revise thoroughly: Revising is essential for doing well in the Olympiad exams. But, it shouldn’t just wait till the last minute. Many students believe they are knowledgeable about a subject because they have studied it once. But, the real preparation levels are apparent only through revision. Therefore, students should continuously revise in between their usual timetable in order to avoid these last-minute troubles.

Refer to quality study materials: It is vital to choose the correct resources for your studies because they will provide you with the skills and self-assurance. These materials give you the path to succeed in the Olympiads. You can purchase a variety of study materials from reputable publishers, including workbooks, practise sets, mock examinations, and more, and incorporate them into your daily study regimen to be organised and well-prepared.

Prepare quick notes:  The Olympiad syllabus is an advanced version of the corresponding school curriculum. Make brief notes for revision based on your study material and revise through them. This will help in being strong with school syllabus as well as Olympiads.  These short notes are excellent for last-minute, time-constrained study. 


Don’t skip any topics: The Olympiad’s extensive syllabus includes a variety of ideas and real-world applications to help the students understand them.  Ensure you thoroughly study every topic and make sure that you don’t skip any topics or chapters. It will ensure you perform well in olympiad as well as any future challenges.

Avoid overloading yourself with studies: Students should make it a point to maintain their composure and avoid being too stressed over Olympiad exams. Have a proper schedule right away and get moving with Olympiad centred preparation. Having a mentor if required as it will really help in achieving olympiad excellence.

Don’t lose motivation:. Keep yourself involved, and interested in your studies as a dip in motivation can cause major harm to your preparation . Do take necessary breaks and try to grasp the concepts. Instead of going for rote learning. 

Don’t lose focus: Keep your attention on the task at hand and be patient. Keep in mind that it will be easier to perform well in Olympiads if you are better focussed. To ensure that you fully understand the concepts, prepare an environment that promotes better concentration and focus during preparation.