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important topics for IIT JEE in 11th Standard

JEE is India’s most competitive exam taken up by 8-10 lakh students every year. The competitiveness of this exam can be estimated from the fact that only a few thousand are selected to study at the prestigious IITs. Preparing for an exam whose competition is sky-high and has a massive syllabus is not an easy task and students need to devote a great amount of time, effort, and dedication while preparing for the exam. Besides hard work, students also need to be smart in their preparation to achieve success in the exam. Students should be clearly aware of the JEE syllabus and important topics from their 11th and 12th because this will help them plan strategies for their preparation. Students should devote time to the topics depending upon their weightage in JEE and accordingly plan their studies.

Important Topics from 11th Standard

To prepare for JEE in a better and more efficient manner, students should be aware of all important topics from all three subjects Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry. Students should start their preparation with the important topics of 11th standard and the weightage every topic has in the exam. Find below the important topics for JEE from the 11th standard.

Important Topics from 11th Mathematics

Probability – It is an important Mathematics topic in which students need to cover Bayes Theorem, the Law of Total Probability, and Conditional Probability in detail to secure good marks in the exam.

Complex Number and Quadratic Equations – From this section theorem and formulae are usually asked and important topics from this section include complex numbers in the form of a+ib, argand diagram, modulus and argument of complex numbers, triangle inequality, roots, and co-efficient, etc.

Permutation and Combination – Important sections to cover in this topic include circular permutation, Integral solution of linear equation, and Division/ Arrangement of Groups.

Sequences and Series – This section includes arithmetic and geometric progression, the relation between A.M and G.M, and sums up to n terms of special series.

Coordinate Geometry – In coordinate geometry students should be thorough with Straight Lines and circles.

Important Topics from 11th Physics

Units & Dimension – From this topic, students need to be thorough with all the concepts.

Rotational Motion – Students should be clear with the concept of rigid body dynamics and should cover topics like the centre of mass of the two-particle system, torque, angular motion, radius of gyration, etc.

Magnetic Effects of Current and Magnetism – Students should prepare this topic well by covering sections like Biot- Savart Law, Ampere law, cyclotron, a force on a current-carrying conductor in a uniform magnetic field, current loop as a magnetic dipole, etc.

Thermodynamics – It is one of the most important topics from class 11th and covers topics like thermal equilibrium, laws of thermodynamics, Carnot energy, efficiency, etc.

Kinematics of Simple Harmonic Motion – Students’ understanding of Simple Harmonic Motion is tested and 3 questions are expected from this concept.

Newton’s Law of Motion – Students need to be clear with the three laws of motion and their applications and should be able to solve questions based on them.

Important Topics from 11th Chemistry

Organic Compounds containing Oxygen – Maximum number of questions in JEE Main are asked from this chapter. Some of the important topics include Alcohol, Phenols, Ethers Structure, Aldehyde, and Ketones.

Chemical Equilibrium – Students needs to focus on topics like the Law of Mass Action, Acids and Bases, and Solubility product.

Atomic Structure – Important topics from this unit include atomic structure preparation and atomic mass concepts. Besides, students should also cover theories like Thomson, Bohr, and Rutherford while studying this topic.

Stoichiometry – Students need to focus on a topic like the Mole and equivalent concept from class 11th.

Gaseous State – Important topics include States of matter, compressibility factor, and the van der Waals equation.

Chemical Bonding – Students need to focus on the periodicity concept.

Organic Chemistry – Generally in Organic Chemistry basic concepts are asked from the 11th standard and hence students shouldn’t ignore it and emphasize upon basics.