Library & Study Materials

Instilling Knowledge for Young Minds to Conquer

Expert faculty

At Sri Chaitanya, teachers inspire the students to bring out the best in them. Our efficient faculty members with their experience and commitment, dedicate themselves for the students’ success. The teacher-student relationship is not based merely on lecturing but also on sharing. Our teachers are at the forefront of technology based teaching. They prepare students for a range of career paths and help them develop the skills, habits and attitudes they can retain over a lifetime.

Study material

More than half of Sri Chaitanya’s success should be attributed to its study material. Lot of labour and time is invested in preparing these knowledge banks. All the books and material are prepared by subject experts who possess decades of teaching experience. The information provided in them is exhaustive, qualitative and comprehensive and is in conformity with the new pattern syllabus. They are supplied to the students free of cost in addition to the theoretical notes and assignments.


The well-stocked libraries of Sri Chaitanya are designed with all supporting infrastructure for all round knowledge and resource needs of students. They have wide range of reference books. periodicals and magazines on every subject and the educational CDs on IIT and Medical foundation programmes are available in the library.