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JEE Advanced Rank Predictor

Applicants are often curious about their ranks and wish to predict them before the results are out. Knowing your rank in advance can help you make some valuable decisions. This is where the JEE advanced rank predictor comes in handy. This is a tool that can help you predict your tentative rank based on your marks.

Here’s How You Can Use JEE Advanced Rank Predictor

 Let us now understand the steps mentioned above in detail. 

    1. Visit JEE Advanced Rank Predictor 

Click on the JEE rank predictor link on the Sri Chaitanya website. 

    • Fill in Your Credentials 

The link will then redirect you to the rank predictor, where you would have to enter your score, your name, your email ID as well as your phone number. 

    • Registration Number and Expected Score 

Fill in your registration number and the overall expected score. The rank predictor tool will give you your estimated rank based on this score. 

Your estimated AIR will let you know where you stand amongst your competitors. 

Benefits of Using JEE Advanced Rank Predictor

    • Helps the Aspirant Choose the College in Advance 

The JEE advanced rank predictor helps the aspirant choose the engineering college depending on his rank in advance. 

    1. Gives a Rough Idea About the Aspirant’s Rank 

It gives a rough estimate of your AIR based on the overall score the aspirant has achieved in the JEE advanced exam.

2. Helps Aspirant Know Where They Stands

This predictor lets you know where you stand in the competition and helps you get an idea if your actual rank will be eligible for getting into IIT.

Your Way Forward

JEE advanced rank predictor is a must-use tool for all aspirants eager to know an estimated rank before they find out their results.

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