IIT - JEE Update

JEE aspirants are often curious to know their ranks and get an idea about where they stand amongst their competitors. Having an idea about one’s rank before the result is announced helps the aspirant choose an engineering college based on the rank they have achieved.


What is the JEE Mains Rank Predictor?

The JEE mains rank predictor is a tool that helps you get a rough idea of your rank in the JEE mains exam. While using this tool, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. 

Let us start by understanding how to use the JEE mains rank predictor to know your estimated rank. 

The above image explains the steps to use the JEE rank predictor. Let’s look at these points in detail.

  1. Click on the JEE rank predictor link 

After opening Sri Chaitanya’s official website, click on the link for JEE mains rank predictor

  1. Enter Your Credentials 

Enter your name, score, email ID and mobile number. The tool would send an OTP to your mobile. 

  1. Enter the OTP

Once you receive the OTP, you need to enter it in the given space and click next. Now enter your date of birth and application number. 

  1. Predict Your Rank

After entering your details, click on the predict my rank button. You can now view your rank on the screen. 

The Benefits of Using the JEE Mains Rank Predictor 

  • Candidates can use the predictor to find out their expected JEE Mains rank. 
  • The predictor also helps students identify which colleges they can get admissions into based on their JEE Mains scores. 
  • Candidates can prepare for the JEE Mains counselling process by making a list of the colleges they can get a seat in 

Are JEE Mains Rank Predictors Reliable?

JEE Mains rank predictors are indicative tools that can help you get an idea of your estimated rank. These tools cannot provide 100% accurate results, but they can provide you with a ballpark figure that will enable you to make future decisions.

The idea behind using a rank predictor is to help you understand where you stand in the competition. This enables you to identify your options and assess your possible choices. 

Your Way Forward

You now have a good idea of what a JEE mains rank predictor is, how to use it, and the key points the examiner keeps in mind. You can use this information to get a rough idea of your position in the competition and plan your way ahead efficiently.