Start Preparing for UPSC

Aspirants often worry about how to start preparing for the UPSC exam and find it difficult to pursue their dream of becoming a top-rated IAS officer. Knowing that the attempts for the UPSC exam are numbered, you need to be thoroughly prepared, have the right mindset and follow the right strategies.

It can be a strenuous and stressful task for those who have just started preparing or are attempting the UPSC exam for the first time. Hence, we have prepared a well-structured guide containing a few tips for those wondering how to prepare for the UPSC exam.

    • Value Your Time 

One of the key tips to keep in mind whenever you ask yourself how to start preparing for the UPSC exam is time management. We all know that time stops for no one. That is why it is crucial for every UPSC aspirant to value and manage time while preparing for UPSC. 

Creating a timetable and making sure that you stick to it is always beneficial. This will help you focus on preparing for the exam much more comprehensively. In addition, it will make sure that you do not stress out or miss out on an important topic when the exam is around the corner. 

    • Study Material 

NCERT is one of the most preferred books to prepare for the UPSC exam. However, as the syllabus of the exam is quite vast, it is also crucial for you to study from the notes and books exclusively prepared for the UPSC exam. 

    • Take Short Breaks Regularly 

It is often misunderstood that one needs to study round the clock in order to clear the UPSC exam. Taking regular and short breaks will enhance your productivity and concentration and surely improve your overall performance. You can take short breaks for refreshing activities such as listening to music, watching movies, talking to a friend, or going for a walk. 

    • Mock Tests 

Mock tests play a crucial role in your preparation for the UPSC exam. Taking mock tests regularly ensures that you have a rough idea about the exam pattern, makes you confident, and helps you know your strengths & weaknesses. 


Make the Right Choice

The tips mentioned above will help you get clarity on how to start preparing for the UPSC exam. Additionally, it’s advisable to choose a trusted coaching institute like Sri Chaitanya where aspirants get access to world-class facilities, comprehensive study material, and experienced faculty, helping them streamline their preparations. 

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