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The world is transforming at a dynamic pace, and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) education is the need of the hour. It encourages students to develop critical thinking skills, hones scientific temperament, and deploy creativity in solving real-time issues. This learning model enables students to apply their knowledge to create a better world. Sri Chaitanya’s initiative is to bring this know-how for students from different walks of life and empowering them not only to succeed in exams and career but life itself.

Recognising a glaring gap in society’s way of functioning, the Sri Chaitanya Group of Educational Institutions has opened educational avenues for students across different society segments with its SCORE STEM Challenge Scholarship 2022. This is an exciting initiative for students from economically weaker backgrounds.

No one should ever have to miss out on the superlative opportunities that come with a wholesome and balanced education. Sharing her thoughts on this, Sushma Boppana- Academic Director of Sri Chaitanya Educational Institutions & Co-founder and Director of Infinity Learn by Sri Chaitanya said “SCORE STEM Challenge Scholarship 2022 is a very important event for Sri Chaitanya Group as it symbolizes the efforts of the institution in fostering talent, aptitude, and skills over the decades. It is in the mission of the institution to find, identify, train, and create tomorrow’s leaders. Sri Chaitanya Group over the decades has been relentlessly conducting many industry-leading educational initiatives, employing innovative methodologies and instruction methods to bring about revolution in the education sector of India.”

Sri Chaitanya utilised its educational expertise of over 36 years and technology to bring in Infinity Learn, which is dedicated to conceptualising sustainable, high-quality, measurable and outcome driven education solutions to the new age learner.

In association with the Times Group, Sri Chaitanya’s Infinity Learn will conduct the ‘SCORE STEM Challenge’ an endeavour here to ensure that students get the opportunity to better their lives with an education that is qualitative and accessible irrespective of their different strata across the country.