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    Comprehensive, Result Oriented Education.
    Comprehensive, Result Oriented Education, Transforms the students into SPARKLING DIAMONDS of the world.
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    Confidence, Self Reliance, Perseverance
    Confidence, Self Reliance, Perseverance ate key features to earn the JEWELS OF RANKS

Civil Services

Rise to the pinnacle of public good by succeeding in the nation’s toughest examination with Sri chaitanya IAS Academy. Quality training plans and competitive material stands at par with regular programmes.


News & Updates

All information about upcoming news, events etc..

Why Sri Chaitanya

Dreamers who make the Doers

Sri Chaitanya College has come up with some innovative and world-class learning methodologies that would make the indians rules the world. The futuristic vision of Dr.B.S. Rao and Dr. Jhansi Lakshmi Bhai has always kept the students ahead of time. Their Farsightedness, determination and leadership qualities have given india a World-Class education system. Today india is all set to produce world-class engineers, technologists, doctors, scientists and management gurus without sending them abroad for grooming. The grooming that one undergoes at institutions in UK,USA is now available in India, right here.

Breaking away boundaries..

The world today is global village and the people are its citizens. Boundaries of place, people and time are slowly fading away. Aspirations have changed, ambitions have got wings. And flying is at its best now. Today, a mere college student residing in a semi-urban locality of a small town in india can have friendship with blue-eyed Englishman living in a posh locality in London. The ways are many. And who knows one day this mere Indian would fly to London to hug his English Friend.

College Hostel – A Home Away from Home

Education is all about developing a wholesome personality. The hostel facilities of Sri Chaitanya provide the opportunity to make lots of friends and get adapted to the new environment. They are built in serene locations. We strongly believe that students can pursue hassle – free education only in a safe and secure environment. Security is given utmost importance at Sri Chaitanya. A watchful eye is kept on students from the morning till they go to bed at night. Security personnel in each residential campus keep vigil round the clock. When it comes to the girls’ campuses, a security blanket is spread and no streak of negligence is shown

Nutritious, Tasty Food…. Healthy diet & Exercise

The hostel menu of Sri Chaitanya includes wholesome and nourishing food. It offers both vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisine prepared in hygienic manner with complete sanitation by our dedicated team of chefs. We follow strict time schedules for meals and for our canteens to inculcate good and healthy eating habits. Health care of students is top priority of Sri Chaitanya. An in-house dispensary is kept open round the clock to attend to emergency needs. Nurturing a Disciplined Lifestyle : The study material, study hours, academic programmes, written tests all blend to make a successful scholar.

Dynamic leaders of Education Set Excellent Paths of Wisdom

It will be another year for Sri Chaitanya to produce global level achievers from our campuses, as we have been doing for years. We proudly take up the challenge to teach the generation which decides the target themselves. India and the world have been witnessing a lot of grate events in every aspect of life. Each and every sector like education, scientific research, Entrepreneurship, arts and biological science has broken the traditional barrier. Whether it is India’s most successful space mission Mangalyan or being honoured for Booker prizes and Oscars, Indians have been providing ourselves everywhere.

Goal – Seeking, Academically flawless programmes

IPL is a brilliantly designed advanced CBSE XII programme with an innovative curriculum that has captured the attention of academicians and created waves in the Indian academic world. This is an innovatively crafted course with the assistance from well – known IIT professors and subject experts across India. IPL offers refreshing syllabus, which enhances the reasoning and logic building skills of the students. In this programme, there will be no waste of one valuable year post – CBSE XII for long term coaching, as IPL makes JEE MAIN, JEE ADVANCED as well as the CBSE XII possible at one go.

Academically flawless programmes

IPL is brillantly Designed advanced CBSE XII programme with innovative cirriculam that has captured the attention of academicians and created waves in the Indian academic world.

Spark Of Genius

At Sri Chaitanya we believe that nothing is impossible if we plan properly for future. To crack the barriers of the National and State level Medical Tests, Sri Chaitanya designed new synthesizwd syllabus 'MPL'.