Preparation Books Every UPSC Aspirant Needs

If you’re preparing for the UPSC exam, you already know about the intense competition. Lakhs of applicants attempt this exam every year, with only a few making it through. To be amongst the fraction of applicants who pass this examination, aspirants need to take a number of steps and one of them is to prepare from the right books.

Markets are flooded with a bunch of IAS preparation books but applicants need to choose their resources wisely. Here’s a list of some of the best IAS preparation books that UPSC aspirants should refer to. 

10 IAS Preparation Books You Should Refer While Preparing for UPSC Exam 

    • IAS Preparations Books for Indian Polity and Constitution Subject 
    1. Indian Polity – by M. Laxmikanth
    2. Important Acts that Transformed India – by Alex Andrews George
    3. International Relations: Pushpesh Pant
    • IAS Preparations Books for Indian History and Culture Subject 
    1. Indian Art and Culture – by Nitin Singhania
    2. Ancient and Medieval India – by Poonam Dalal Dahiya
    • IAS Preparations Books for Indian Geography and World Geography Subject 
    1. Geography of India – by Majid Husain
    2. Oxford Student Atlas for India
    • IAS Preparations Books for Indian Economy Subject 
    1. Indian Economy – by Ramesh Singh
    2. Indian Economy Key Concepts – by Sankarganesh Karuppiah
    • IAS Preparations Books for Science and Technology Subject
    1. Science & Technology for Civil Services Exams – Ravi P Agrahari
    2. 1000 Plus Questions on General Science – TMH
    • IAS Preparations Books for Ecology, Biodiversity and Climate Change Subject
    1. Environmental Studies – Benny Joseph
    2. Environment and Ecology – Biodiversity, Climate Change and Disaster Management – Majid Husain
    • IAS Preparations Books for Current Affairs Subject 
    1. Current Affairs for IAS – S A Majid
    2. India Yearbook – Publication Division (GOI)
    • IAS Preparations Books for World History (This Subject is a Part of UPSC Mains GS1 Paper)
    1. NCERT Books for History of class 11 and 12 
    2. History of Modern World – BV Rao
    • IAS Preparations Books for Indian Society (This Subject is a Part of UPSC Mains GS1 Paper)
    1. NCERT Class 11 – Introducing Sociology
    2. NCERT Class 12 – Indian Society

You now know the subject-wise IAS preparation books you should refer to while preparing for the exam. Let us now look at books you can refer to for previous year’s question papers.

IAS Preparation Books for Previous Year Question Papers

    • 26 Years Chapterwise Solved Questions by Arihant Experts.
    • 26 Years UPSC Prelims Topic-wise Solved Papers by Disha Experts

You now know what IAS preparation books you need. Referring to the right books will ensure that you do not miss out on important topics and are well-versed with what is coming in the exam. Numerous students believe that NCERT might be sufficient for preparing for the UPSC exam. However, you should also refer to books exclusively for UPSC preparations.

It is true that sometimes referring to numerous books can be time-taking and confusing for UPSC aspirants. That is why we at Sri Chaitanya provide comprehensive study material for you to prepare for the upcoming UPSC exam seamlessly. We also provide regular mock tests and performance reviews. Our educators have profound experience in educating and training applicants for competitive exams. They ensure that you are under the right guidance and achieve the rank you want.

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