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Prepare for JEE Without Compromising

With the JEE exam right around the corner, students planning to appear for this exam must gear up and start prepping without delay. However, when we talk about this, the biggest concern is how to simultaneously prepare for board exams and JEE exams without one hampering the other.

The exams are equally crucial and are the key to a successful future, so some smart work and planning can go a long way. 

Here we have tips for aspirants on how to prepare for JEE without compromising on the board score.

How to Prepare for JEE?

The JEE Exam syllabus includes questions from mathematics, physics, and chemistry. If you have not studied diligently in class 11th, you will have to open those books again and strengthen your concepts to secure the marks.

Follow these tips to ace your JEE exam without ruining your board score and vice versa.


  1. Prepare a Smart Strategy 

 While hard work is important, it is also important for you to prepare a smart strategy. Start by planning your day and giving equal weightage to each subject. While we think that pushing ourselves to limits might help us, let us tell you that we should not overburden ourselves. Taking breaks after long studying hours relaxes your mind and helps you study effectively. 


  1. Familiarise Yourself with the Exam Pattern 

The 12th board exams are subjective, while the JEE exam is objective.  You need to familiarise yourself with both the exam patterns and prepare accordingly. You can practice more numerical questions for the JEE exam and theoretical questions for your board exams. 


  1. Practice is the Key

Get a sample and previous years’ question papers for the exams and practice to know how much you still need to prepare. Sample papers can explain to you best about the section breakups, difficulty level throughout the paper, and the pattern, which is extremely crucial for aspirants. These papers will also reflect the areas that require extra effort and focus. 


  1. Focus on MCQs

The JEE Main exam consists of multiple-choice questions and numerical questions only, and you will have to practice separately to check whether you can extract the answer on time or not. Remember that JEE Main has negative markings, and you will lose a score for every wrong answer. 


  1. Make Notes 

While studying for both JEE and class 12th, there are points or terminologies that you might be unable to grasp. Here’s where making notes will help you. Note the formula in a book with an explanation so you can revisit it as much as you want. You can use post-it notes or make flashcards that you can carry everywhere. 

If you stick to the routine and study with discipline, you will be able to score the desired marks and perform well in both exams. Maximum students are doubtful about how to prepare for JEE along with class 12th. At Sri Chaitanya, we guide students to find a balance between both and help them prepare simultaneously to ace the exams. 

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